27 mai 2019

Pour la prépa....

https://major-prepa.com/fiches/anglais/15-structures-phrase-connaitre-par-coeur/ https://major-prepa.com/langues/anglais-langues/preparer-epreuve-anglais-quiz-articles-theme-version-ccip-ecricome/
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17 avril 2019

Life on Mars

  Life On Mars --> Bowie's song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZKcl4-tcuo Full book : Unveiling a Parallel  https://www.globalgreyebooks.com/unveiling-a-parallel-a-romance-ebook.html Why should we go to Mars? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCEvMY3nZoU   Listen to JFK's Moon Speech by clicking on the still         
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01 avril 2019

The grass is greener

The History of Immigration to the USA   Significant historic dates in Us Immigration   Learn more about the Mexian border issue by clicking HERE        
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04 février 2019

African American Voices

Martin Luther King’s Day. Taking place each year on the third Monday in January, the MLK Day of Service is the only federal holiday observed as a national day of service – a "day on, not a day off." The MLK Day of Service is a part of Serve.gov, the President's national call to service initiative. It calls for Americans from all walks of life to work together to provide solutions to our most pressing national problems. The MLK Day of Service empowers individuals, strengthens communities, bridges barriers, creates solutions to social... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2018

Methodologie BAC

Rules_for_Writing_Dialogue SAID_IS_DEAD organiser_son_oral idées de problématiques pour les 4 notions: https://anglaispourlebac.com/2015/05/03/des-idees-de-problematiques-pour-les-oraux/  voir aussi l'article sur ce blog dédié à l'oral du bac 
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13 septembre 2018

American Ways of Life

    an awareness poster    Let's move : Michelle Obama's speech..;click on the photograph!       Click on the illustration below to know more about The Tiny House Movement       Gentrification is the process by which a place, especially part of a city, changes from being a poorarea to a richer one, where people from a higher social class live:   minimal... [Lire la suite]
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06 septembre 2018

l'oral de langues

Link 1: how to introduce your speech..... Link 2: example of an organised speech  link 3: detailed example for the plan link 4: examples of key questions for your outline (the ideas you want to put forward)        
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04 juillet 2018

Killing, an American routine?

A brief history of the USA by Mickael Moore:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGYFRzf2Xww       quotation: Ritchie’s Mother : "I don’t feel that Richie playing with guns will have a negative effect on his personality. His childhood gun-playing won’t make him a cop-shooter. By playing with guns he learns to socialize with other children.” React.     Pressure? ... [Lire la suite]
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25 mars 2015

get ready for the baccalaureat!

http://anglaispourlebac.com/category/les-4-notions/ BAC_ecrit_conseils
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