advertising or awareness campaign?


I/ Identification ? This is an advertisement for… Information about the product when possible. ? Origin of the document (magazine, newspaper etc.): country, author, time … ? General topic (in a few words)

II/ Structure and description ?

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Structure of the picture : study the diagonals, the horizontal/ vertical lines, the differences which may appear in the image ? Analysis of the different shots (high angle shots: plongée, low angle shots: contre-plongée) and the colours used ?

Description of each part (when, where, who, what, how) 

Then, progressively add your personal interpretation.

Don’t forget to thoroughly study the characters: the age group, their position, their clothes, attitude etc.

III/ Interpretation and analysis ?

Analysis of the catch phrase and the slogan when possible : size, words, grammatical structure, tone. ?

Target : age, sex, occupation, social class ?

Imagine the feelings of the different characters on the picture ?

When possible, link this picture to a historical or social context ?

Imagine what might have happened before and what might happen after ?


Goal of the ad : feelings, impact on the reader ? Express your personal opinion and reaction.

Has the ad reached its goal ? Do you or don’t you like it ? Why ?




Useful Vocabulary when talking about an advertisement :

The catch phrase 

The slogan

The caption 

The logo

The brand name

The target 

Verbs : to inform, to persuade, to convince, to promote, to entertain, to amuse, to influence people's attitudes and behaviour, to pass on a message, to shock, to surprise, to boost sales, to criticise the competition, to show, to prove, to make somebody aware, to represent, to imply, to involve, to convey, to emphasize, to highlight, to symbolize etc.

Expressions : This advertisement appeals to our feelings / our emotions / our intellect / our senses / our sense of humour / our paternal or maternal instincts / our desire to be in good health / our wish to be beautiful and desirable / our love for nature or animals / our desire for exoticism / etc.



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